Still Life Reviews:

“Jonathan Bray shines.”
– Los Angeles Times

“In a strong turn, Bray displays both truth and beauty in this character’s approach to living the wasted life.”
– On Stage Los Angeles

“…a powerhouse performance by Bray that commands our attention…”
– StageScene LA

“The performances are fast paced and emotionally true. Bray’s Terry reveals himself in a terrific scene of utter bacchanalian debasement.”
– Paul Myrvold Theatre Notes

“…deliciously portrayed by Jonathan Bray.”
– LA West Media

“Jonathan Bray is terrific…”
– The Larchmont Chronicle

“Jonathan Bray, as Terry, is a noteworthy standout, playing a frat boy turned corporate animal, who brings humanity and charm to a role that could have easily been one dimensional.”
– LA Theatre Bites

“A very strong cast keeps the play lively and engaging. Bray’s Terry is all Freudian id…”
– LAist

Fat Pig Reviews:

“Lands with emotional power…Bray nails it!”
– Los Angeles Times

“Stingingly witty…Brilliantly expressed by Bray!”
– Broadway World

“The naturalness and chemistry…never feels like acting”
– Culturespot LA

“Fat Pig delivers..Bray is excellent!”

“FIVE STARS…Bray is brilliant and flawless!”

“Bray is hopelessly appealing”
– The Chamber Pot

“Bray eloquently conveys LaBute’s favorite motifs”

“Bray imperceptibly but inevitably takes this journey, displaying artistic excellence.”
– Stage and Cinema


Sideways Reviews:

– LA Weekly

“Bray is a droll study in piglike manhood.”
– LA Weekly

“Bray is delightful.”
– Backstage West

“Plays Jack with relish…all masculine bravado but the charming type, that makes it impossible for you to dislike the fellow.”
– LA Theatre Review

“Crowd favorite Jack is boisterously played by Jonathan Bray and very much a match for Thomas Haden Church in the film version.”
– Kate West Reviews

“Bray and Colella capture the bravura and intensity of Pickett’s memorable characters, and their comic timing couldn’t be better.”
Stage and Cinema

“Bray has crawled inside the skin of this sometimes dastardly but loveable character.”
– LA Splash

“WOW…The spontaneity Bray and Colella bring to their roles prove textbook examples of intimate stage acting at its best…a master class.”
– Stage Scene LA